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Manchester Jet Washing That Revives Your House Exterior

Pressure Washing in ManchesterAs your patios and driveways are always exposed to various weather conditions, they demand regular cleaning to maintain their durability and fresh look. Even fallen leaves can pollute these surfaces with moss and algae, making them very slippery and dangerous for you to walk on. With powerful jet washing equipment, your technicians can handle:

  • Patios made of natural stone, limestone and hardwood
  • Garden paths and furniture
  • Driveways and walkways
  • Concrete surfaces
  • All types of fence panels and decking
  • Walls up to 2 meters tall
  • Roofs

The Meticulous Process of Driveway and Patio Cleaning

Your service is performed by fully trained Manchester gardening teams, equipped with specialised jet washing machines. This equipment utilises the cleaning power of pressurised water and is extremely effective. Once on site, your technicians will:

  • Need access to proper drainage and running water through any external tap
  • Inspect the surfaces you need cleaned in order to choose the most appropriate techniques
  • Apply low pressure of the water for the more soft and porous surfaces
  • Use high pressurised water for the more hard and durable materials

Advantages of Working With Skillful Jet Washing Teams in Manchester

  • Pressure cleaning many types of surfaces - wood, stone, bricks, concrete, asphalt and more
  • Industry standard equipment - allows for efficient removal of dirt, grime, weeds, algae, moss, chemicals and other undesirable elements
  • Skilled technicians - with years of experience in applying the proper jet washing techniques
  • Property improvement - book along your gutter cleaning sessions and garden waste clearance to further improve your house exteriors
  • Various discount opportunities - get special deals when you schedule more gardening services at the same time
  • Suitable booking slots - for a day and time of your choice, even on weekends and holidays at no extra cost
  • Personal customer consultation - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Free quotes at 0161 823 0156 - call now and ask for your no obligation price estimates

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